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Silo's Sadness

Published Feb 2021

The tricky time and pesky sickness is still around, the Savanna friends have lost many loved ones over this time, a story to process their grief.

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What our customers say

This is a superb book that helps children deal with loss. It’s written by a professional giving advice about how to use this book and explore conversations with children, helping them to talk about a very sensitive issue and understand their own feelings.

What I really liked about this book is that the author goes one step further to include additional suggestions, activities and details for other organisations to further support adults and children.

The story is really well written and the illustrations are beautiful! This will help many families deal with tragic losses that have occurred over the past year during Covid.

I’m looking forward to seeing more publications from this author.

Amazon Review

Silo’s Sadness is so much more than a story to help children and young people learn about death, grief and express and understand their sadness.

It is also a wonderful resource for parents/carers, educators, therapists and anyone else interested and committed to supporting clear and open communication with children by listening to their voices at times of emotional distress and challenge.

Silo and El are an adorable friendship duo who draw the reader into feeling loved and nurtured through the story of their loss, the joy of their play and the life-drama connection of a mystery sickness paralleling the real live Covid-19.

Written skillfully by experienced therapist, Bruck and beautifully illustrated by Cooper, this is a must have in every inclusion and emotional support classroom and in every home where children live.

Amazon Review (Dr Emma Ramsden)

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