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Silo's Sadness

Silo the lion cub has lost his grandfather due to the illness on the Savanna, El the wise elephant helps Silo explore and manage his grief.

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Talulah's Rules

Talulah the baboon visits the watering hole on the hot Savanna to drink and mingle with the other animals. What the other animals do not realise is that Talulah finds the noises, sights, smells and the hot Savanna sun too overwhelming. This is a story to help young people, their family, friends and educators understand the different ways autistic people may think and the difficulties they may experience.

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Hetty's in Lockdown Again

16th January 2021

Savanna Therapeutic Stories is extremely proud and excited to share the first in the trilogy of the covid 19 series supporting children to understand the strange and unknown time that continues.

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The Changing Savanna

The second part of the the triology of the Savanna friends as they navigate returning to school.

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The Return

February 2021

The Final in the triology of the Savanna friends as they navigate returning to school..

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Tiana's Tale

October 2021

Co-authored by Talya Bruck & Patricia Ojehonmon with guest illustrator Shaydon Tracey

A story about a young zebra and her experience of racism.

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